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We're a small young company from Helsinki, Finland. We created Veri to help people become metabolically healthy.

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Why care about blood sugar?

Blood sugar is the most vital metric in your body. Each and every day your blood sugar levels affect your thoughts, mood, health, and longevity.

Decision making

Did you know that pre-schoolers with a more stable blood sugar get higher grades? Or that judges are more likely to grant parole after lunch?

Energy levels

Your blood sugar levels heavily affect how energized or sluggish you feel. Avoid that "2:30 feeling" and power through the day.


A steady and stable blood sugar is linked to less oxidative stress in the body. That translates to a decreased risk of chronic diseases later on in life.

About Us

Inspired by our own health hardships,

and the failure of the traditional healthcare system to serve us we founded Human Engineering.  Our mission is to empower others to take health into their own hands.

Take the first step, start listening to your body with Veri, the easiest way to track and stabilize your blood sugar.

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