Veri mobile app showing blood sugar level and trend.
Blood sugar monitoring for all

The easiest way to track and stabilize blood sugar.

The easiest way to track and stabilize blood sugar.

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Start stabilizing to live your best life.

Stable blood sugar means more energy, increased focus, and a longer healthier life.

Blood sugar
at your fingertips.

The most vital metric in the human body.

Stabilizing blood sugar will help you:

Boost energy

Running high or low? Sugar levels directly affect how amped or sluggish you feel.

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Increase focus

In the flow, or feeling distracted?
Sugar stability directly affects your capability to focus.

Stay healthy

Decrease oxidative stress and increase longevity by maximizing time in range.


Measuring is easy.

Just tap the sensor with your phone, it's almost like magic.

Veri helps you stabilize.

How? I'm glad you asked.
Veri mobile app showing blood sugar level and trend.Adding a lifestyle note into the Veri blood sugar monitoring app.Veri mobile app showing blood sugar graph with variability and time in range.Comparing blood sugar values day to day in the Veri mobile app.

See your blood sugar in real time.

Learn how your current glucose and trend affect your energy levels.

Take notes and keep track of your lifestyle.

Stay on top of what works and what doesn't.

Keep levels in a healthy range.

Maximize time in range and decrease oxidative stress.

Compare between days.

Learn which habits lead to good days and poor days.

All you need, delivered directly to you.

We’ve made it super simple. Sensor and application provided, nothing else needed.

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Women from NASA floating inside a space ship.
The relevance of
blood sugar is

According to the National Aernotics and Space Agency blood sugar has an effect on memory recall, decision making and multiple other cognitive functions.

Read the literature

See how our friends are using Veri.

Portrait of a women.

"I've found I can eat certain foods in combinations that don’t affect my blood sugar."

Mary Stedman
Kennewick, WA

Portrait of a young man.

"I've gained a 10x clearer understanding of how the food I eat affects my mood, energy levels, and sleep cycle."

Duncan Hamra
Williamsburg, VA

Learn how veri helps you feel energized, focused and healthy.

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